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studstocksales.com keeps you up to date with stud sale results and market reports, results from the major shows around Australia as well as industry related news.

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studstocksales.com keeps you up to date with stud sale results and market reports, results from the major shows around Australia as well as industry related news.

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Top priced females per breed sold at auction in 2021.

WAGYU: $160,000 - Mayura Q1436 (pic), Mayura Station purchased by Yulong Investments at the Mayura Station High Performance Production Sale, SA.

SPECKLE PARK: $75,000 (Australian Speckle Park record) - Wattle Grove Cara S101 ...(pic), Wattle Grove Speckle Park purchased by Ivery Downs Cattle Co. at the Wattle Grove Speckle Park Sale, NSW.

ANGUS: $65,000 - Texas Undine M508 (pic), Texas Angus purchased by Boambee Angus at the teaxas Angus Female Sale, NSW.

BRAHMAN: $50,000 - Warraka Kerri 3294, Warraka Brahmans purchased by NCC Brahmans and Olive Brahmans at the Gympie Brahman Female Sale, QLD.

BRANGUS: $36,000 - Telpara Hills Muss Magnum 920R8 (pic), Telpara Hills Brangus & Ultrablacks + Telpara Global Genetics purchased by Hidden Valley Beef at the Telpara Hills Brangus Sale, QLD.

SHORTHORN: $32,500 - Moombi Isobel P75 (pic), Moombi Shorthorns purchased by Ryfield Park Stud, Camden NSW at the Job Family Golden Jubilee Sale, NSW.

LIMOUSIN: $30,000 twice - Myers Lady Luck H2 (pic), Myers Limousins purchased by Mystic Ridge Limousins & Starrs Limousins and Lot 23. Myers Lady Luck R16, Myers Limousins purchased by Kia Ora Limousins at the Winter All Breeds Sale, NSW.

DROUGHTMASTER: $29,000 - Locarno Piper (pic), Locarno Droughtmasters to Smithy’s Droughtmasters at the Droughtmaster Australia National Female Sale, QLD.

HEREFORD: $27,000 - Kerlson Pines Last Day L24, Kerlson Pines Poll Herefords purchased by Kianma Poll Herefords & Granite Hill Herefords at the Kerlson Pines Poll Herefords Dispersal, SA.

CHAROLAIS: $26,500 - Glenlea Isabella 14, Glenlea Charolais Glenlea Beef purchased by Ashdan Charolais, Johns River, NSW at the Glenlea Beef Dawn of the Decade Online Sale.

SANTA GERTRUDIS: $20,000 - Jamar Ribbon R53 (pic), Jamar Santa Gertrudis Stud to RL Pastoral Company Pty Ltd at the Jamar Santa Gertrudis Bull & Female Sale, QLD.

SIMMENTAL: $19,000 twice - VC Strike R030 (pic), Valley Creek Simmentals purchased by St Pauls Genetics at the Wormbete Simmentals Spring Invitation Sale, NSW and Savannah Miss Zoe P017, Savannah Simmentals purchased by Yerwal Estate Simmental & Angus Stud at the Rocky Red Sale, QLD.

MURRAY GREY: $18,000 - Monterey Miss Kuri M163 (pic), Monterey Murray Greys and Angus purchased by Shell-Dee Murray Greys at the Premier Murray Grey Online Sale.

ABS Global - Australia Beef Sunday Sires - Millah Murrah Rocket Man R38 semen available. Further details at: https://studstocksales.com/private-sales/australian-beef-sire-directory/

Angus Australia

2021 Australian bull sale breed averages (minimum 100 bulls):

Ultrablack - 106/122 bulls sold av. $15,764.
Angus - 10,902/11,008 bulls sold av. $13,812.
Santa Gertrudis - 2168/2286 bulls sold av. $13,768.
Braford - 206/232 bulls sold av. $13,017.
Shorthorn - 692/714 bulls ...sold av. $12,763.
Droughtmaster - 1789/1826 bulls sold av. $12,612.
Brahman - 2577/2634 bulls sold av. $12,006.
Brangus - 522/582 bulls sold av. $11,888.
Charolais - 1686/1706 bulls sold av. $11,367.
Speckle Park - 434/460 bulls sold av. $11,081.
Simmental - 1142/1186 bulls sold av. $10,233.
Hereford - 2246/2354 bulls sold av. $9702.
Charbray - 241/278 bulls sold av. $9467.
Limousin - 364/386 bulls sold av. $8689.
Murray Grey - 208/243 bulls sold av. $8634.

2021 top 10 bull sale averages (minimum 25 bulls):

1. Millah Murrah Angus Bull Sale, NSW - 118/118 bulls sold to $280,000 (Millah Murrah Rocket Man R38 to Brooklana Angus Stud) & av. $34,221.
2. Milwillah Angus Bull Sale, NSW - 106/106 bulls sold to $130,000 (Milwillah Slideshow Q102 to Adameluca Angus) & av. $25,726.
3. NCC Brahmans Bull Sale, QLD - 121/121 bulls sold to $200,000 (NCC Perry to 2AM Brahmans) & av. $23,057.
4. Glenlands Droughtmasters Bull Sale, QLD - 190/190 bulls sold to $120,000 (Glenlands D Carbon Copy to Percol Plains, McKinlay QLD) & av. $22,818.
5. Ascot Cattle Angus Bull Sale, QLD - 67/67 bulls sold to $54,000 (Ascot Rebellion R316 to Samuel Holdings, Monto QLD) & av. $22,373.
6. Texas Angus Bull Sale, NSW - 181/181 bulls sold to $225,000 (Texas Iceman R725 to Mackas Angus) & av. $20,967.
7. Waco Santa Gertrudis Bull Sale, QLD - 105/105 bulls sold to $120,000 (Waco Red Bull R32 to SANTAHAT Santa Gertrudis) & av. $20,781.
8. Watasanta - Santa Gertrudis Bull Sale, NSW - 30/30 bulls sold to $100,000 (Watasanta PT 2688 to Yarrawonga Cattle Co & Diamond H Santa Gertrudis) & av. $20,483.
9. Palgrove Ultrablack Bull Sale, QLD - 64/64 bulls sold to $35,000 (Palgrove Quantum to St Elmo Station, Julia Creek QLD) & av. $20,172.
10. Bowen Stud Cattle Angus Bull Sale, NSW - 61/61 bulls sold to $36,000 (Bowen Precidence Q760 to Mountain Valley Poll Herefords & Angus.) & av. $20,081.
**Highest averaging multi-vendor sale: Santa Central Multi Vendor Sale - 101/107 bulls sold to $130,000 (Bullamakinka Rocky R82 to RL Pastoral Company Pty Ltd) & av. $21,212.

Angus Australia Santa Gertrudis Australia Australian Braford Society Shorthorn Beef Droughtmaster Australia Australian Brahman Breeders' Association Limited Australian Brangus Cattle Association Charolais Society of Australia Speckle Park International Simmental Australia Herefords Australia Charbray Society of Australia Ltd Limousin Australia Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society

Top priced bulls per breed sold at auction in 2021.

ANGUS: $280,000 (Australian Angus record) - Millah Murrah Rocket Man R38, Millah Murrah Angus purchased by Brooklana Angus Stud at the Millah Murrah Angus Bull Sale, NSW.

BRAHMAN: $200,000 - NCC Perry, NCC Brahmans purchased by ...2AM Brahmans at the NCC Brahmans Sale, QLD.

POLL HEREFORD: $160,000 (Australian Hereford record) - Injemira Robert Redford Q267, Injemira Beef Genetics purchased by Ardno Performance Livestock, VPC Stud Cattle, jarrah Cattle Company & ABS Global - Australia Beef at the Injemira Beef Genetics Bull Sale, NSW.

DROUGHTMASTER: $150,000 - Needmor Hyatt, Needmor Droughtmaster purchased by Cantaur Park & Lamont Stud Droughtmasters at the Droughtmaster National Bull Sale.

SANTA GERTRUDIS: $150,000 (Australian Santa Gertudis record) - Yarrawonga Katmandu R236, Yarrawonga Cattle Co purchased by Glenn Oaks Santa Gertrudis at the Yarrawonga Cattle Co Bull Sale, QLD.

HEREFORD: $103,000 - Mawarra If Only Q264, Mawarra Genetics purchased by Melville Park Herefords at the herefords Australia Wodonga National Sale, VIC.

BRANGUS: $80,000 - Bonox 1251, Bonox Brangus purchased by Bauhinia Park Bulls at the the Rockhampton Australian Brangus Cattle Association Sale, QLD.

CHAROLAIS: $75,000 - Palgrove Qracker, Palgrove purchased by Mt Douglas Pastoral Co, Clermont QLD at the Palgrove Bull Sale, QLD.

SPECKLE PARK: $65,000 - Wattle Grove Ba Da Boom Q127, Wattle Grove Speckle Park purchased by Gotcha Speckle Park at the Wattle Grove Speckle Park Toowoomba Sale, QLD.

WAGYU: $57,500 - Mayura Q2134, Mayura Station purchased by Arubial Wagyu, Condamine QLD at the Mayura Station High Performance Production Sale, SA.

SHORTHORN: $56,000 - Royalla ZZ Top R046, Royalla Shorthorns purchased by Polldale Shorthorn Stud at the Royalla Shorthorns Bull Sale, NSW.

BRAFORD: $50,000 (Australian Braford record) Carinya Yenda, Carinya Brafords purchased by Harriett Valley Brafords at the Braford National Sale, QLD.

BRAFORD: $50,000 (Australian Braford record) - Double C P124 Playboy, Double C Brafords purchased by Trealor Grazing Co, Rockhampton QLD at the Australian Braford Society National Sale, QLD.

SENEPOL: $40,000 (Australian Senepol record) - 5 Star 201019, 5 Star Senepol purchased by CAP Genomics, Harlin QLD at the 5 Star Senepol Sale, QLD.

SIMMENTAL: $40,000 - Woonallee Noble Prize Q368, Woonallee Simmentals purchased by Valley Creek Simmental's at the Woonallee Elite Production Sale, SA.

CHARBRAY: $37,500 - Marlegoo Quartz, Marlegoo Charbray Stud Cattle purchased by Emjay Charbray at the Charbray Society of Australia Ltd National Sale, QLD.

ULTRABLACK: $35,000 Australian Ultrablack record) - Palgrove Quantum, Palgrove purchased by St Elmo Sation, Julia Creek QLD at the Pagrove Bull Sale, QLD.

BELMONT RED: $32,000 (Australian Belmont Red record) - SEI200107, Seifert Belmont Reds purchased by L & T Mace, Stanage QLD at the Seifert Belmont Reds Bull & Female Sale, QLD.

RED ANGUS: $26,000 - Hicks Henry Q28, Hicks Beef purchased by Weymouth Farms Pastoral, Beechford TAS at the Hicks Beef Spring Bull Sale, NSW.

MURRAY GREY: $25,000 - Wallawong Quality Q5, Wallawong Premium Beef purchased by Karmoo Pastoral Clermont QLD at the Wallawong Murray Grey & Angus Bull Sale, NSW.

SIMBRAH: $24,000 - Ticiba 1390, Ticoba Simbrahs purchased by Karragarra Simmentals at Ticoba Simbrahs Invitational Bull Sale, QLD

LIMOUSIN: $23,000 - Warrigal Queue Up Q36, Warrigal Limousins purchased by Kia Ora Limousins at the Limousin National Show And Sale.

BEEFMASTER: $20,000 (Australian Beefmaster record) - SL Resoluut, Sugarland Beefmasters to Keilambete Station, Rubyvale QLD at the Beefmaster Breeders Australia Sale, QLD.

Lot 140. Cambil Balboa 5829, Cambil Brahmans has sold for $140,000 to Rathlyn Brahmans, Emerald QLD at the Wilangi Brahman Sale.
Overall 250/250 bulls sold av. $11,016.

Viva Brahmans Raglan Brahmans York Auctioneering McCaffrey's Australian Livestock Marketing Queensland Rural... Elite Livestock Auctions Australian Brahman Breeders' Association Limited

Lot 1. Doris of Uneeda 151D, Underhill SPECS - Canadian Speckle Park purchased for $55,000 CAD ($60,508 AUD) by Hollycott Speckle Park & Gotcha Speckle Park at the Canadian Western Agribition Speckle Park National Sale.

Speckle Park International

RHX Ravensdale Poll Herefords Dispersal Sale, NSW - 215/215 registered females sold to $24,000 (Lot 32. Ravensdale Di Capri N267 to Ardno Performance Livestock) & av. $6691 and 87/87 commercial females sold av. $3208. 4/4 herd Sires sold to $45,000 (Lot 226. Injemira Techno N276) & av. ...$17,750.

Paul Dooley Pty Ltd Elders Stud Stock AuctionsPlus Herefords Australia

Sale top at the Cobar Red & Black Goat Sale, NSW - Lot 17. Rangeland Red Marrakesh knocked down to Etiwanda White Dorpers for an Australian record $21,000.

Rangeland Red - Goat Stud AuctionsPlus Nutrien Livestock NSW and VIC Stud Stock

RHX Ravensdale Poll Herefords Complete Dispersal Sale Nov 24th. Sale details & catalogue at: https://studstocksales.com/events/ravensdale-poll-herefords-2021-complete-dispersal-sale-nov-24th/
Lot 32. Ravensdale Di Capri N267 sells.
Sale interfaced with AuctionsPlus.

Paul Dooley... Pty Ltd Elders Stud Stock Herefords Australia

Warrawindi Farms - Sales Online Spring Drop Ram Sale Nov 26th. Sale interfaced with AuctionsPlus. Sale details & catalogue at: https://studstocksales.com/events/warrawindi-farms-2021-online-spring-drop-ram-sale-nov-26th/
20 Suffolk rams, 10 Suffolk ewes, 20 Poll Dorset rams & 24 Border ...Leicester x East Friesian rams sell.

TDC Livestock and Property rla44072 Suffolk Sheep Breeders SA Australian Poll Dorset Association Australian Border Leicester Association

ABS Global - Australia Beef Sunday Sires - Millah Murrah Paratrooper P15 semen available. Further info at: https://studstocksales.com/private-sales/australian-beef-sire-directory/

Angus Australia

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In November 2019 we came together as a rural industry to raise MOney and awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. The 78 STUD MOS from across Australia have raised an astonishing $94,891!!

($64,786 in donations & $30,105 from the auction) & ranked #2 out of 13804 Australian teams – outstanding!! A truly amazing group of people.

To all that have supported & donated to the team and in turn raised money for mens health we are extremely grateful for your generosity.
We hope that along the way we have also helped raise awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health & suicide prevention.

Huge thank you to the 78 guys and girls who put the razors down for a month and grew a MO for such an awesome cause.
It has certainly been a very special & rewarding experience for everyone involved and one we will look forward to again next year.

Stay tuned throughout the year for updates on the 2020 STUD MOS..