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Magic Millions National Yearling Sale, Gold Coast - Book 1: 780/838 yearlings sold to $1,900,000 (Lot 585. I Am Invincible colt to Coolmore Australia) & av. $294,476.

Newgate Farm

ABS Global - Australia Beef Sunday Sires - Millah Murrah Rembrandt R48 semen available. Further info at:

Angus Australia

Inaugural Mt Ararat Simmentals On Property Sale Feb 4th. 11 bulls & 20 females sell. Sale details at:
Sale interfaced with AuctionsPlus.

Elders Stud Stock Simmental Australia

ABS Global - Australia Beef Sunday Sires - Injemira Redford J006 Q287 semen available. Further info at:

Herefords Australia

The 2022 NH Foods Angus Youth Roundup has been cancelled..

Angus Australia Angus Youth Australia Red Angus Society of Australia Junior Red Angus Australia

Sale top at the New Years Resolution Sale, Canada - Pick of the Greenwood Speckle Park Female Herd purchased by Ivery Downs Cattle Co. for $71,500 CAD ($77,860 AUD)..

Speckle Park International Speckle Park Breeder

Merry Christmas to you all and we wish everyone an awesome 2022..

A massive thank you to everyone who supports Mon & I, our newest team member Matt 'Woody' Campion and as a whole.

It's certainly been a year to remember and we would like to ...congratulate all breeders on your oustanding results achieved and hope they continue in 2022.
We are very fortunate to be involved in such a great Industry with wonderful friends & supporters right across the country.

The team look forward to seeing you around the sales & shows in the New Year - bring on 2022..!!

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2021 top priced rams per breed sold at auction.

AUSTRALIAN WHITE: $165,000 (Australian White record) - Tattykeel 'White Gold' 200131 (pic), Tattykeel - Meat Sheep And Cattle Studs purchased by Flaxley Australian White Sheep at the Tattykeel Australian White Sale, NSW.

...SHEEPMASTER: $90,000 (Australian Sheepmaster record) - Monarch 384 (pic), White Dog Lane Stud, WA purchased by Rainbows Rest Sheepmaster Stud at the SheepMaster National Sale, WA.

MERINO: $88,000 - Collinsville Imperial 33 (pic), Collinsville Stud Merinos purchased by Westray Merinos and Lach River Merino Stud at the Collinsville Merinos On Property Ram Sale, SA.

ULTRAWHITE: $51,500 (Australian Wultrawhite record) - Hillcroft 2017109, Hillcroft Farms UltraWhite purchased by Kingslane Red Angus & UltraWhite at the Hillcroft Farms Ultrawhite Sale, WA.

DORPER: $45,000 - Amarula 187663 (pic), Amarula Dorper Stud purchased by Semi Arid Ag, Ivanhoe NSW at the Amarula Production Sale, NSW.

POLL DORSET: $41,000 (Australian Poll Dorset record) - Valma 200040 (pic), Valma Poll Herefords Poll Dorset’s & White Suffolks purchased by Kinellar White Suffolk & Poll Dorset Stud and Gooramma Poll Dorset Stud at the Valma Stud Ram Sale, TAS.

BORDER LEICESTER: $32,500 (Australian Border Leicester record) - Glenieth 356/20 (pic), Gleneith Stud purchased by Jackson Borders at the Gleneith Ram Sale, NSW.

WHITE SUFFOLK: $32,000 - Wingamin 2674 (pic), Wingamin White Suffolk Stud purchased by Shirlee Downs Dongadilling at the Wingamin White Suffolks Ram Sale, SA.

PRIMELINE MATERNAL: $17,000 - Lambpro 215776, Lambpro purchased by Buckley Farms, Mt Gambier SA at the Lambpro Ram Sale, NSW.

SUFFOLK: $14,000 - Sayla Park 200098 (pic), Sayla Park suffolk stud purchased by Deltora Suffolks, Darlington VIC at the Adelaide Elite Stud Sheep Sale, SA.

DOHNE: $11,000 - FarValley 054, Far Valley Dohne purchased by Clover Downs Dohnes at the Far Valley Dohne Sale, WA.

SOUTHDOWN: $10,200 - Kirkdale 200154 (pic), Kirkdale Southdowns purchased by Athlone Poll Dorsets & Southdowns at the Kirkdale Southdowns Ram Sale, TAS.

CHAROLLAIS: $8500 (Australian Charollais record) - Rene 20C031 (pic), Rene Stud purchased by Mark Stewart, Nowra NSW at the Rene Studs Stud Sale, NSW.

CORRIEDALE: $6400 - Blackwood 200158, Blackwood Corriedales purchased by Garvald Vale, Hamilton VIC at the Blackwood Corriedales Ram Sale, TAS.

2021 Santa Gertrudis Miss World - Santahat Queen B Q79, SANTAHAT Santa Gertrudis.

Santa Gertrudis Australia

ABS Global - Australia Beef Sunday Sires - Clunie Range Queenslander Q311 semen available. Further info at:

Angus Australia

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