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Wilga Merinos – Flock Rams available for Private Ram Sale

Welcome to Wilga Merinos first private ram sale catalogue.
We are pleased to offer you a total of 45 of our best rams from our July 2016 drop.



The rams have shaped up well with both terrific carcass and wool qualities.
We have carefully selected rams with traits that are in the top percentiles for growth Post-weaning (PWT) and Yearling Weight (YWT), as well as Fleece Weight (YCFW). We also put a great emphasis on visual traits and conformation.

For more information on understanding ASBV’s please see page 4.
Our stud ewes run with our flock ewes year round only separating for joining and lambing. We don’t overfeed our sheep and only supply feed oats during times of nutritional stress. Rams are paddock run and allowed to exhibit their traits naturally good or bad, with supp. feeding only during extended dry times.

Shearing: Rams shorn 8th July 2017.

Rams are available now, priced at $400, $600 and $800 + GST.




If you are interested in viewing or purchasing our rams, or would like to have a chat with us about your breeding needs please contact us:

Ewan & Hailee Fidock
Wilga Merinos
“Wilga Plains”, Lorraine Lane, Tullamore NSW
Ph: (02) 6893 7224
Mob: 0455 583 301