Project Description

Lachlan Merinos – Semen Poll Sires

LM 1 (ET Bred):

He was tagged No.1 for a reason, exhibiting all the strong virtues needed to be a real sire. He has tremendous outlook and presence, balance and bone, which a sire needs. Standing over him, you can see the width, from his hips through to his head and muzzle, which is wide, silky soft and pure.

His wool growing ability is extreme. He has it all, combining length, alignment, density and surface area. His wool is gutsy, sharp, free growing, with a very long, soft, rich lock. His ET siblings are also no fools, with industry impacting genetics on both grand-dam (Charinga Pearler) and grand-sire (Wallaloo Park Real Deal) sides.

This ram undoubtedly could be the best sire we’ve bred to date, who has the potential to be a real game changer.


LM 706 (Triplet):

A young sire, who is a triplet has created a lot of interest around in the 2019 season. We have retained him within our stud for his correctness on his feet and hindquarters, but until you open him up, is when you see his almost perfect wool, of super sharp, rich, free growing white wool. It is a wool that people keep opening up again and again. His tests show what you can really feel. To add to this young sire, is his pedigree, and his 2 sisters are also standouts and display all his attributes.


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Lachlan Merinos
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