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ABS Australia remains in the No. 1 industry position for beef semen sales in Australia. The National Herd Improvement Association (NHIA) semen sire survey shows ABS Australia Beef at 42% of the domestic sales and 69% of export sales.

In the Angus breed, sires from ABS Australia currently hold six of the top nine registration positions for progeny born in the last two years with LD Capitalist 316 as the No. 1.

Also appearing in the top 9 are Landfall Keystone K132, EF Complement 8088, Te Mania Emperor E343, Pathfinder Genesis G357 and Sydgen Enhance. Clunie Range Legend L348 and Millah Murrah Klooney follow at 11th and 12th positions.

In Wagyu, Macquarie Prelude M0495 has been the sales leader. Prelude has a massive influence with progeny on every continent.

Poll Hereford Wirruna Matty M288 has been outstanding in sales.

A big thank you to the Australian beef producers for your support.

At ABS we have a philosophy of People, Programs, Product. Our mission is Profit from Genetic Progress to assist our customers to be more profitable. ABS has a number of programs – Sexcel® Sexed Genetics, InFocus, NuEra and High Conception Rate (HCR), and commercial semen usage agreements.

ABS Australia continues to research and implement programs for cattle breeders. We have a great passion for Fixed Time A.I. (FTAI) and articles of interest are on pages 48 and 49 in this directory.

We know synchronization is a profitable management tool for beef producers, providing great gains in calving intervals and genetic growth. Please call us if you require a copy of the ABS Australia FTAI booklet.

This directory features ABS’ HCR program. The conception rates for some sires has been amazing and with more data added in the last 12 months, we are now able to classify proving sires with a ranking level. Please refer to pages 2 and 3 and note the ranking logos on some of the sires.

The cost per pregnancy in FTAI can be significantly reduced by as much as 40% and the resultant replacement heifer pool increased by 25%, just by the power of the fertility of a Platinum HCR sire.

Commercial breeders should be encouraged by the expanded list of available sires. From time to time, updates and specials will be available via the ABS Australia website, social media pages and email.

A final note, with the increase in global sales, the inventory level of some bulls may result in low stocks or being unavailable, so please consider your bull selections and place your orders early.

COVID-19 restrictions have reduced our ability to travel but we closely follow COVID-safe practices on those farms we are able to visit. We are happy to set up Zoom or Teams meetings to discuss your breeding program. We have added links to bull talks on our website and social media which provide further information.


For further information and assistance, please contact

Bill Cornell, Beef Product Manager 0428 293 498 – email
Fletch Kelly 0419 383 341 – email
Annie Pumpa 0458 227 277 – email
Kim Sultana, 0438 418 113 –



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