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Konongwootong Dorsets 2019 On Property Ram Sale – Oct 17th

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Konongwootong Dorsets 2019 On Property Ram Sale – Oct 17th

Our 2019 Ram Sale will be held on Thursday 17th October at 1:30 pm on Property at Zig Zag Rd, Konongwootong, VIC

We will be offering 10 Stud Rams an 190 Flock Rams

Download PDF Sale Catalogue here

Lots 1 – 10 Catalogue detail view here

Lot 1 K180043:

Sire: K170086. S/Dam. Derrynock 120364 2nd April trimmed class Melbourne Royal. $E 111.7. A very meaty ram with a well filled in hind quarter. Very early maturing characteristics.

Lot 2 K180088:

Sire: K160146 S/Dam K60776 46.5cm2 Stock Scan at Melbourne Royal. 3rd Balmoral Class. A ram that scans well for both Stockscan and Lambplan. He has shown his potential from a very early age. Very good structure with a good shoulder set up.

Lot 3 K180141(t):

Sire: K160146. S/Dam K110072 Stockscan 42.8cm2 $E110.68 Lambplan C+ 185 a ram with good carcass/loin ratio. Streamlined shoulders for ease of birth characteristics. Plenty of meat in the hind quarter.

Lot 4 K180159 (t):

Sire K160311 S/Dam Allendale 140177. Used as a ram lamb sire and has lambs on the ground now. This ram set out to impress from an early age. Very early to mature. Has a great sire outlook with great muscle in all the right places. $E 111.03 3rd Lambplan $E class, 1st Interbreed Performance Class Export. A great All purpose ram.

Lot 5 K 180219

Sire K170001. S/Dam Ashley Park 120316. 3rd May bare shorn class Melbourne Royal. Scanned 41.2 cm2 Stock scan at the Royal. $E 110.2 on Lambplan. A good all rounder. Lots of meat in the hind quarter with plenty of length in the carcass.

Lot 6 K180298 (t):

Sire: K160311 S/Dam K110072 Stockscan 42.4cm2 at Melbourne Royal. C+ 188.7 $T 1096 $E 110.22. A multipurpose ram. Great top line with smooth shoulders. Really clean points with true downs type Wool. Great structure with plenty of meat in the hing end.

Lot 7 K 180329:

(t) Sire: K 150202. S/Dam Shirlee Downs 090311. A good ram continuing with his Sire/Sire Konongwootong 110072 bloodline. K110072 bred consistently in our stud as well as many others over the years. Good streamlined shoulders for ease of lambing itch clean points. True downs type Wool and plenty of meat where is counts.

Lot 8 K180647:

Sire: Dongadilling 160011. S/Dam K 140031. Stockscan 44.8cm2 at Melbourne Royal. C+192.0. $E 111.63 A June drop, early maturing ram who showed his potential from a young age. Great length of loin/carcass ratio

Lot 9 K 180658(t):

Sire: Dongadilling 160011. S/Dam Derrynock 100386. Stockscan 45.6cm2 at Melbourne Royal. 3rd June Bare shorn class, 3rd Sire Progeny Class, 3rd Ceva Group of 3 Rams. A June drop ram that shows a lot of class. Well filled in hind quarter and great carcass/ loin ratio. C+ 184.4 $T 107.64 $E 110.51. A great example of the Dongadilling bloodline.




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Alistair and Jessica Sutherland
Konongwootong Poll Dorsets
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Mob (Alistair) 0407 551751
(Jessica) 0408 750 222


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